Our Flagship Project

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We are located at 80 Jalan 230, Kampung Baiduri, Section 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

 Free Outpatient Clinic

The flagship of our club is the Klinik Kebajikan Rotary Kelana Jaya. The FOC as it is informally called is located in a low income area of Petaling Jaya and has been in operation since 1994. It is believed to be the longest continuously running project by a Rotary Club in District 3300.

It is open every Tuesday and Friday evening from 6 to 8pm. Patients are treated free of charge by our volunteer doctors led by our charter member Dr Hari Yanansakaran and assisted by other Rotarians and their wives. This is currently supported by Pan Pools.

Fast facts

  • We have treated 55000 patients since 1994
  • Put in 2500 man hours
  • Racial Composition
  • 40% Indians, 30% Chinese, 30% Malays

Annual Medical Outreach

Complementing our Free Outpatient Clinic we organise a medical outreach every year. This regular event attracts volunteers and valued participation of doctors from General Hospital of KL, University Hospital Klang, UMMC, UKM and Tun Hussein Eye Hospital.

Medical screening and treatment at selected communities for adults and children have involved the following.

  1. Health hygiene and dental care guidance
  2. Deworming for children
  3. Glucose tests and treatment
  4. Eye screening, free eye glasses, cataract removal and treatment.
  5. Blood pressure reading and treatment
  6. Medication for skin sensitivities and diseases
  7. Supply of multivitamins for the undernourished
  8. Common cold and cough treatment.
  9. Helicobacter Pylori screening and for gastrointestinal symptoms.

During this time 150 bags of rice, 400 pairs of shoes, 300 dictionaries, 3 wheelchairs and free glasses were distributed.

Since 1997 when we have been organizing the medical outreach, we have served no less than 2785 adults and children in selected communities.

Fast facts

Rotary Year Communities Numbers treated
1997 Orang Asli settlement in Pulau Carey 115
1998 Kg Miskin, Port Klang and Pandanmaran 420
1999 Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Cheeding Banting 300
2000 Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Cheeding Banting 150
2001 Kg Seri Perantau Fasa II, Port Klang 350
2002 Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Cheeding Banting 150
2003 Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Cheeding Banting 100
2004 Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Cheeding Banting 100
2005 Educare Centre, St Anne’s Community Hall, Port Klang 170
2006 Stella Maris Community Hall, Klang 260
2007 Orang Asli settlement in Bukit Cheeding Banting 220
2008 Kg Sg Rambai, Pulau Carey 150
2009 Teluk Gong Port Klang 300
2010 Teluk Gong Port Klang 350
2012 Port Klang 700